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Our 3 Pillars

Access to fresh water, nutritious food, and education is not just essential for children; it's their foundation for a healthy, empowered future. These basic necessities not only sustain their physical well-being but also nurture their minds, unlocking endless possibilities and shaping them into capable, resilient individuals ready to thrive in the world.

Fresh Water

Children's Foundation has drilled and Installed over a dozen deep fresh wells in the last decade in secure environments  - All of these Fresh Water Wells are still active and well maintained supplying drinkable water to the orphanage / care points and the surrounding community.


Nutritious Food

In Swaziland Alone; Children's Foundation helps care for over 2000 Orphaned or At-Risk Children. Each day they receive 2 nutritious meals In a safe, secure and loving environment.  

That totals over 700 000 meals a year!


Each and every day thousands of our preschoolers attend 11 different Pre-Schools to ensure they are ready for first grade. These children are the poorest of the poor - but they enter first grade with basic reading, writing and math abilities giving them an equal footing with all other children of different classes to give them a chance at success in life.

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