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Financial Support


Food and Education:

To support ONE Child for and ENTIRE YEAR; A Tax Deductible Individual sponsorship of $225 provides clothing, food, education and care.



Fresh Water Well:

Children and parents alike have to sometimes walk for miles on end just to collect any kind of water. This increases the exposure of waterborne diseases, a risk drowning in muddy pools and other perils. Giving Fresh Water with a Clean Water Well that is drilled 100’s of feet into the aquifer is a life changer! 


Legacy and Corporate Support:

There is a tremendous opportunity from an Estate, Legacy Partner or Corporate level to sponsor an established organization knowing that the funds donated are making an impact in childrens' lives. Corporate opportunities range from $6,000 to $250,000 and can include sponsoring a village.

By Check:

The Children's Foundation 

5435 America Dr

Sarasota, FL 34231

All Donations are tax Deductible


All Donations are tax Deductible

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